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ohio partnership program

ohio has elected to participate in a long term care insurance program (ohio revised code sections 3923.41 to 3923.48, ohio admin. code section 3901-4-01 & -4-02) which is authorized by federal legislation. 

this unique design will help provide asset protection to ohio policy holders. 

it creates a partnership between the public sector (ohio government) and the private sector (insurance companies).

purpose of the program

provides incentive for ohioans for the purchase of qualified long term care insurance plans – and will reduce the number of people relying on medicaid.

how it works

you purchase a long term care insurance policy which qualifies for the ohio partnership program.

should benefits paid out for your care exhaust your plan, you may be able to qualify for medicaid in ohio while retaining more assets than would otherwise be allowed under ohio’s medicaid eligibility requirements. 

assets are protected equal to the amount of benefits paid out by your insurance plan.

how do i qualify

  1. be a ohio resident.
  2. purchase long term care insurance that meets the requirements of a federally tax-qualified long term care insurance plan.
  3. include inflation protection.  if age younger than 61, (compound inflation rider must be included).  if ages 61 to 75, (some form of inflation rider must be included).  ages 76 +  are not required to purchase inflation rider – but agent must present such riders.

information you should know

  • your income is not protected by this program.
  • your home may not be fully protected.
  • not all states will participate.
  • no guarantee that all states will provide reciprocity.
  • partnership plans could change in later years.  


watch for governor strickland’s mail campaign “own your future”

there is no additional cost for participation in the ohio partnership program  

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long term custodial care is not paid for by medical insurance or medicare.

smart planning can help you address this risk.

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